The Life of AIVAX


How does the process work?

First, we will discuss via email about how many children will be featured in the image and chat a little about each child so we get a better idea on how to tailor their pose into the image so that the image feels natural to them and a part of their own imagination. Time frame 1-4 days

Second, you will receive a set of customized instructions on how to photograph your child. You do not need to be a professional photographer or have an expensive camera to do this! We will walk you through the entire process. Time frame 2-4 days

Third, once we receive the images we need, we will edit the images and insert your child into the photo. Time frame  4-6 days.

Last, once the image is done, we will send it off to be printed. Once we receive it, we will carefully review the quality, sign and number it and ship it to you. Time frame approximately  3-4 weeks.

Please note, each project might vary and these time frames are subject to change.


Why does the process take so long?

Our AIVAX family believes quality is extremely important. We love details and making sure each photo tells a unique story. We want to make sure that we provide that to you and your family, so we need to make sure we have plenty of time to carefully craft this special keepsake with the best quality possible !


I have more children than listed in the image, can you fit them all in?

Of course we want everyone to be included! Send us a message in the contact form and let us know which image you are interested in and how many children total you’d like to include. If we can make it work, we will set up a custom listing for you. Please note there will be an extra charge of $50 for each additional child.


Why are you only releasing 5 total AIVAX inserts?

These are limited fine art pieces and only 10 will ever be created total of each image. So we plan on releasing them only little by little over the course of time.


Is there an age limit for the child? What about pets?

No, we can create these with children, adults, and pets of all ages! Anyone is welcome!

Please note that if you would like to include your pet, they will be counted as a person.