The Life of AIVAX


What is AIVAX Inserts?

In short, AIVAX Inserts is a collaboration between you and us. We take photos of your chosen subjects wether they are family, friends, children, stuff animals, or even pets and insert them seamlessly into one of our unique backdrops then we send you the 16x20 inch print on enhanced matte paper :-) 


How does the process work?

Step 1: Begin by choosing which AIVAX Insert you’d like. When you are ready to check out make sure you select how many subjects will be placed into the photo and complete the check out process.

Step 2: Once you have placed your order you can match the pose of your selected insert or come up with a completely new one. All we ask is that you try and match the perspective of the selected insert and that you have the full rights to the image you send over. We want to make the process as easy and seamless as possible wether you would like to capture to completely new photos on a DSLR camera or just use existing images taken with a cell phone the choice is yours. We understand everyone has a busy life and we want to make this as simple and quick for you as possible. So choose the option that you feel is easiest and most accessible.

Step 3: Once you have the photos and have submitted them to us, we will Photoshop your child into your blank AIVAX insert photo template.

Step 4: Once your AIVAX insert is done complete we will submit it to get printed and then shipped out to you.


How long does the process take?

Please note that we are not a huge corporation nor are we mass producing our AIVAX inserts. We are a husband and wife team and we are personally doing all the editing ourselves. Once we receive your photos, we are committing to a 48 hours turn around time to complete the edit. Next the print lab requires 3-5 days to print the image and hand it off for shipping. Shipping time will vary depending on which country or area the photo is being delivered to.


Our promise to you

Our family believes in quality and details, and making sure each photo tells a unique story. We want to make sure that we provide that to you and your family, so we promise to carefully craft this special keepsake with the best quality possible!


Is there an age limit for the child? What about pets?

No, we can create these with children, adults, and pets of all ages! Anyone is welcome!

Please note that if you would like to include your pet, they will be counted as a person.