The Life of AIVAX

About the Artist

I’m Vanessa, a digital artist, and I create whimsical art with my family!

Our story began in 2017 when my son was born and I was just a mom wanting those cute newborn photos but (cue the violin) couldn’t afford. So I took my old phone and started taking photos of my kids myself. That year I discovered photoshop and fell madly in love with the digital art world!

In 2019 we sold everything we had in California, my husband quit his job and we followed our hearts to Europe where we created art inspired by the places we visited for 2 years. Since then a lot has happened. Our family grew, I got a little better at digital art, and we settled into a home in the middle of the woods in Michigan.

Welcome to our world inspired by childhood imagination! We hope to inspire your inner child, teach you Photoshop, and bring a little joy to your everyday life :)