The Life of AIVAX

AIVAX Inserts

Add a little magic to your home

Unique fine art featuring your child, friends, and pets. 

What is AIVAX Inserts?

With AIVAX inserts we are helping you bring your child’s, pet’s or friend's imagination to life by placing them into one of our creative dream worlds where everything from flying bubbles to floating islands is possible. We believe photos should tell a creative story and that everyone should have the opportunity to be in one.

How it Works

Choose your Imaginative Backdrop

Start off by browsing through our AIVAX insert photo templates and choose the one that you love the most.

Capture Your Child's Pose

Once you’ve checked out, you’ll get a email from us with a few notes on how to photograph or choose the perfect photo to send us. You can either choose to match the original pose or you can simply capture your own unique pose as long as the perspective matches. Don’t worry! It’s actually a lot easier than it sounds!

Let Us Combine the Photos

Now that we have the photos, we begin the magic! We will “insert” your photos into our templates and work a little Photoshop magic on them for a realistic and seamless look. In other words, we are bringing your child, friends, or pets into a whimsical new world.

The Process

Step 1



Children see magic in everything!

Capture that and keep it forever in your home with AIVAX inserts