The Life of AIVAX

The Life of AIVAX Podcast Episode #6

In this podcast episode we finally break the silence and give an update on what's been going on in our world for the last couple of months. We talk about everything from landing the cover of Photoshop 2020, homeless in London, and being in self quarantine for the last month in someones attic.

The Life of AIVAX Podcast Episode #5

Julius Kähkönen @visualsofjulius is a 20 year old entrepreneur, digital artist, and educator based in Finland. His distinct art style of dreamscapes has brought him worldwide attention and has allowed him to garner hundreds of students eager to learn his craft.

The Life of AIVAX Podcast Episode #4

In this podcast we chat with surreal digital artist Ted Chin @tedslittledream about networking in the digital art community, responding to negative comments on IG, and meeting up with artist from IG in real life.

The Life of AIVAX Podcast Episode #3

In this episode Vanessa and Anthony reveal the truths behind the family travel content creator lifestyle after 4 months of travel under their belts. They share how they are funding the trip as well as how they manage to budget this experience as a family of 5. They will also chat about the realities of traveling with children as well as working full time and how that impacts both their experience and family. Tune in to learn the truths that not too many people open up about.

The Life of AIVAX Podcast Episode #2

Has the era of the influencer come to an end just as quickly as it came? As content creators are we in the midst of a potential Instagram bubble burst? If so what can we do about it? Join Vanessa and Anthony as they discuss the 3 factors that may contribute to an Instagram bubble burst and what influencers should do to plan ahead and help control the problem.

The Life of AIVAX Podcast Episode #1

Is sharing real uncut moments on IG a good or bad thing? In this first podcast episode Anthony and Vanessa chat about the pros and the cons about sharing unedited real moments on IG and how they can either improve social media audience engagement or decrease growth. Additionally they share their own personal experience in this topic along with some mishaps of their trip in Austria. Come join on us in the conversation and please comment below your thoughts on the topic or any questions you have!