The Life of AIVAX

Kids have some of the best creative thinking skills and The Life of AIVAX is ready to give them the tools they need to create digital art of their own. Tune in to this Photoshop for kids tutorial hosted by the mermaid girl from the cover of Photoshop 2020. With this tutorial kids will learn how to open photoshop, create a canvas, and create a fun balloon and bubble composite featuring their famous bear Beary. They will learn techniques like how to use a mask, how to change the color of an object and how to use a bubble brush. So have fun and let’s make some art!

Note for parents/guardians: The program needed is Adobe Photoshop (any version is fine though we encourage it to be at least 2018, 2019 or 2020) We are providing you and your child with all the photo assets and bubble brush for free. All you need to do is click on the link which links to our website where you can find and download the images and brush for absolutely free! We strongly encourage you to place everything in a folder on their desktop called PS4kids to make it easy for them to find during the tutorial. And that’s it! Addy will take it from here!

Download Tutorial Assets Here

Get Photoshop CC 2020 Here