Yesterday I sat on an old wooden bench as warm as one could
Quite alone, there with my hands curled around the splintered wood
By the park where the swings sing and flowers bend
When caught by my eye a leaf whirled by that whispered “hello friend”

Muddled in doubt, I looked around, for surely I misheard
For leaves don’t speak, how childish and absurd
“Do you not remember me dear friend” the voice spoke once more
The leaf blew closer and settled by my feet on the crunchy grass floor

“Why dear friend we met last year on the corner of Evergreen Drive”
I stared in disbelief at this sun rayed leaf that was majestically alive
“An infant cradled in your arms and a pretty blue dress you had on”
“We met and spoke about the lovely day before I flew on”

I found my voice and said “I’m sorry I’m afraid I don’t remember”
Already feeling silly talking to a wilting leaf in the cool of this November
The leaf sighed, “time passed and with it the memory of our sweet encounter”
Then proceeded on to straighten it’s sides to hold itself against the windy weather

“Nevermind my name, but I am from the place where time goes when it’s done
I mind the gate between now and then letting through only memories of everyone
This wretched place of time get’s lonely and so I like to venture out
Beyond the gate where people scurry on creating memories for me to lose about”

“Lose?” I asked, “Why that sounds awful, memories mean the world to me”
“My dear child,” spoke the leaf, “without the gift of time, there would be no memory
For fear of time makes one embrace more the present scene before it journeys on
Through the gate where birds fly when the sky is no longer blue in song”

With that the leaf bowed it’s peak and bristled on with a chisp of wind
I left there staring out until a tiny hand brushed my face and warmed my frozen skin
Why do I waste time sitting here watching from the side?
I may hate time, but I love what it makes me feel when I hold a moment inside.