The Star

Last night a melted star sprinkled through the crack in your window while you snoozed
I ran to catch some in a cup but tripped on the clutter of your room and pink fuzzy shoes
So the fragments of the star showered all over you making you twinkle and light up the entire room.
I was tempted to wake you to see how you shined casting specks of light across your bed
But so peacefully you slept I wouldn’t dare rob you of the big bold dreams in your head.
I’m sure you rode a unicorn, painted a rainbow and danced on the moon on your bare feet
Or maybe you climbed to the clouds above a mountain and flapped your wings across the largest sea.
No, I’m sure you ruled a kingdom of fairies and made rid of the world’s tired overworked tears
I wouldn’t doubt if you traveled to Saturn and brought back dazzling fragments of its rings in 2 years.
Or maybe, just maybe you sat with me on the beach watching the waves crash and crawl along the thirsty sand
As we munched on crunchy cones full of strawberry ice cream melting down our sun kissed hands.
I happened to blink while I sat beside you there still as stone as the sparkles floated around the air
And just like that the star glow vanished with the quiet of the moon then I ran my fingers through your hair.
You woke and sat up with a smile of memories from your woken dream
A quick eye rub and yawn and then a tickle of the nose followed by a sneeze.
You giggled though I froze as from your lips fluttered specks of radiantly glistening hues
My child, the glow around you may not be always visible but it will always be inside of you.