The Show Tonight

I think I’ll take a broom flight tonight
Down the road of rows of silent homes
Keeping the boogie man out with nighty lights

Silly children don’t they know
He’s not poking itty toes
He’s prepping for the big Halloween show

Broomstick traffic electric clatter
Giant thumping rollie trolls
slimy covered rats climb, nibble and then scatter

Black cats creep along the shadows
Purring for a hand
They don’t care much for milk but enjoy a graze from Hallow

The mummy flocks block the roads
Since their old eyes aren’t too good
They walk into walls and clumsily squish on croaking toads

Dear me the monster hoard has grown
beyond elders like Draq, Frank and I
Now we stand a village of glowing eyes and creaking bones

So, when we ring your bell tonight
Heavy sacks in hand
Payment must be made or we’ll give you quite the fright