That Girl

To the girl with the chocolate hair and sunkissed eyes,

To the girl with a thousand questions of Saturn’s rings and apple pies.

To the girl with an endless song on her lips,

You are the first I learned to balance on my left hip.


To the girl with a white angel kiss on the middle of her back,

To the girl with always a blue crayon drawing pictures by the stack.

To the girl with one dimple hidden just above her right cheek,

You are my courage to never, against the world, accept defeat.


To the girl who skips while others shrug along,

To the girl who’s not afraid to say you’re wrong.

To the girl who dreams adventures beyond the unicorn,

You are my greatest teacher from the day that you were born.


To the girl who counts birds as they fly by,

To the girl who sheds a tear when she sees another cry.

To the girl who dances to her own tune drafted in her mind,

Your heart is the brightest tanzanite anyone could ever find.