Sketching You

The faintest,


Slightest wheeze or tiny toe,


I could be far     miles      away adrift,

but I could feel you calling me like electric invisible waves,


me back to you.

I am needed or just missed,

I don’t mind.

I don’t mind,

your tiny fingers tangled in mine.


Gentle creases adorn all sides of you.

Arms, plumpy thighs,


with glee,

as bright new eyes gleam at me.

But I mesmerized by your beauty,

peace and innocence.

Toes curl, legs hug as you reach up,


for the sky little one.

Scrunched button nose,

and the smell of milk along your neck.

I wipe it off but I secretly like the smell of you.

Truth is, obsessed I am.


Panicked by the proof of time on you,

I nuzzle the outline of your round pink cheeks,

You don’t mind.

How could I not?

I felt you graze from the inside,

As you grew and grew and grew.

And I gave my heart,

with beautiful pain.

Please little one,

be still.

Let me sketch you in my memory.

To remember this,


Who gave me,