Play time

40 pounds of beans, cheese, and broccoli
2 chocolate eyes drizzled with 12 hours of sleep
and a cardboard boat drifting to the blankets of sea

Climb up and take a seat you too loudly announce
bang scratch chubby hands on chipped drawers till their contents bounce
make believe and babble babble babble words you still can’t quite pronounce

hooray monkey Ben and Jack kangaroo
the clouds have cleared and the rocket racket blast around you
leaving smells of orange juice and peanut butter celery sticks left in your right shoe

quick the watch is off to the dungeon of bath
sneaky sticky fingers reach into the secret cookie stash
leaving behind you a sugar and flour crumb path

alas there I see two feet poking out from under the giggling linen sheet
you are quite the invisible star at this game of Hide-n-seek
now off you go to battle the rabbit tailed dragon you built of socks and brown leaves

May you play forever and see beyond the black and white flat things in the world
sprinkle your magic and create tales of worms clouds and Popsicle swirls
be small be big build and dream courageously flying down the play time coaster twirl