No Pouts

Wake up little love the sun is out
Rising high and shining about
Stretch your belly and wiggle your toes
It’s time for school, oh I know I know
But up you go and don’t give me that pout

No pouts!

And now, how would you like your eggs today?
Sunny side up, if only I could get the yolks to stay
Lets brush your hair still tangled in last night’s dreams
Was it you dancing in a bucket of strawberry ice cream?
Cucumber beans? Silly child of mine

No pouts!

Come out come out from under those sheets
I’ll tickle you out and eat you up like chocolate treat
Oh! there’s a surprise in your lunch but no peeking just yet
Now hurry hurry the eggs are ready I bet
Don’t be upset, I’ll see you at noon

No pouts!

Go brush your teeth with happy bubble gum goo
I know you love it as much as I love you
Aren’t you excited to see all your friends and play
Now run run we really must be on our way
No you can’t stay, hop on the cloud and off you go to school

And remember
No Pouts I’ll see you at 2!

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