Lemon Sun

In my world the sun is a lemon
its sweet and its sour
and changes the smell of the air by the hour

Sometimes when it rains I sit outside with a cup
I catch sprinkles of rain
it taste sweeter than water though people think I’m insane

But I love lemonade even though it makes me squint my eyes
shudder my shoulders
and crinkle my nose till it’s over

The blue flowers in the broken pot love my lemon sun too
they say the citric smell mixes well with the honey bees
creating swirls of happy clatters from afternoon teas

I wish the world loved it as much as I do
every day I notice it’s yellow peel fade just a bit
It gets covered in globs of goo and I don’t like it

So this is my plan its quite top secret
I’ll borrow a ladder and climb the highest of highest palm tree
and catch the sun in a net and take it home with me

I’ll keep it there for a few days safe and sound I promise
I’ll wipe the spots off and give it a bath
for 73 minus 462 days you do the math

Every world needs a lemon sun just like mine
they just forget sometimes so I’ll help that
So I’ll wait till its missed then I’ll put it right back

Then I can go back to enjoying my dear lemon sun
I’ll breathe in its sweet smell while I nap under the shade
and if you ever visit we could share a cup of lemonade.