I believe

I believe in fairies,
and cotton candy coated cherries.
I believe in beanstalks,
and the land of giant troll rocks.
I believe in talking whales,
and underwater cities with chocolate swirl covered stairs.
I believe my shoes can fly,
and gum drop worlds just beyond that rainbow sky.
I believe in unicorns named happy, twirls, and bow,
and I also have 2 magic socks I hope I don’t outgrow.
I believe the trees can sing,
and so can the tiny 2 foot licorice forest elf king.
I believe in fireworks made from blue haired giant hands,
and ridges made from giant toes stomping along the sand.
I believe an octopus can play patty cake the best,
and if you don’t believe me yesterday I put it to the test.
I believe in my closet hides a shiny flying fish,
and if you catch him flying out he’ll grant you one quick wish.
I believe my toys can stand up and put themselves away,
but mom doesn’t listen and makes me do it anyway.
I believe in a lot of things
but if I wrote it out, the list would reach next Spring.