From Saturdays

Chorizo sizzling, pans burning, oj pouring, and giggles in the hallway

cars vroom vrooming, dolls talking, and Jack Johnson singing from a phone in a glass bowl

That’s where I’m from.

lovers dancing, kids laughing, camera snapping, and oh crap there’s smoke rising from the eggs

drawers rattle, dishes clatter, food splatters, and 5 bellies swell

That’s where I’m from.

Airplanes zoom, trains choo, lion’s roar, and buzz lightyear fly’s straight into his teethy wet grin

All done’s and I’m full’s followed by 3 more’s and say AHHH

That’s where I’m from.

Slimmy dishes pile in the cold hard sink lined with still warm leftovers smudged out of plates

we’ll do the dishes later he says, she says lets chill, they say “Stop it!” “Let go!” “Gimmie!”

That’s where I’m from.

Snot oozing on faces, tears swimming down chubby squishy soft cheeks hugging wailing mouths

the baby’s waking, he’s crying, stinky poopy diapers are smelling, and eye’s roll while mouths sigh

That’s where I’m from.

poppa’s key’s jingle, it gets quiet, feet scramble, and the wooden front door slams 50 times

the day’s warm, bird’s chirp, and crunchy old leaves float by in the Saturday morning breeze

That’s where I’m from.

The engine grumbles, seat belts click, windows roll, and the Killers whistle through speakers

Wheels roll from the house smelling of fresh cut grass, pokey tan stucco, and moist dirt smelling mulch

That’s where I’m from.

Swings screech, a ball bounces, and barbecue and smoky coals smells swirl through the air as kids swoosh down smooth yellow slides

Droopy eyes drive back, sleepyheads ruffle cloudy beds, tiny dry lips suckle her dry, and buttery popcorn crumbles onto a big blue bowl

That’s where I’m from.

Game of Thrones burst through the TV, a fuzzy knit downey smelling blanket wraps their hugging bodies as they mold onto the couch

Two tiny smiles bounce on the smooth wood floors, poppa roars like a bear, momma’s fingers tickle baby bellies, DING, warm chocolaty brownies fill their noses, and Saturday’s are the best days

That’s where I’m from.

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