Final Chapter – Glass Getaway

Glass shattered across the porcelain sink and onto the old chipped tiles of the kitchen floor. The three of them turned their heads behind them and saw a rock rolling to a stop.
“Shit, they’re surrounding the house,” David whispered as he reached into the bag hanging by the rack near the front door. He pulled out a heavily loaded gun. Ivor glanced at it for a moment and briefly admired its powerful structure. He had never saw one of those in person. It was one of those guns that spewed out bullet’s like fire crackers on the Fourth of July. He only saw those guns in movies where a big tattooed thug lit the sky with rounds of fire during a bank robbery shoot out. Of course David was no thug, but Ivor suddenly feared him.
“Stay back!”
Elenor’s voice brought Ivor’s attention back to the window where he was startled out of his skin by a face that had made its way to the window. Blood drained from his face and his fingers went cold as ice. The scare made his ears ring and his heart thundered through his chest. A set of charcoal eyes followed his as he made his way around the details of the face before him. Flared nostrils curled up as a scent excited them. Salivating powdered lips formed a thin line on the pale face. The two black eyes were as deep and dark as a whole in the earth. There was no end to them, there was no white around them, there was no life to them. Although the eyes awoke an uncanny feeling to Ivor. This face, so familiar, yet so unfamiliar to him. Soft brown and waves with a slight tint of red hung around the face, the hair that he once ran his lustful fingers through as they made love on moonlit nights like this. On her neck, that soft neck he once lost his lips on, hung the the remains of what once was his 10th year anniversary gift to her. The golden bar was gone, now it was just a thin gold chain broken in half that hung around her neck.
“Nelly?” he finally managed to whisper.
There was not a single stir in the black eyes in return.
“Nelly, what’s wrong with you? What did they do to you?” his voice trembled as he tried to hold back the tears. He searched infinitely into those black eyes for some sign of his wife, his love.
“Get away from the window,” Elenor broke in softly.
“Nelly, baby, your eyes. What’s–”
“I said get back!” Elenor yelled with a wave of her gun.
At the sound of Elenor’s voice, the lips of the face curled up into a snare revealing two rows of thin razor fangs grown from a mouth of decayed deep red and black gums. The eyes began to trickle out black pus that oozed down the inner eye and down the cheeks like black tears.
“Nelly no!” Ivor cried with his hands cupped around his mouth.
Nelly was gone and replaced with this skin crawling creature. It cocked its head to the side and let out a low hiss. Ivor took a step forward still convincing himself that his eyes had conspired to distorting his wife into a beast. His movement excited the creature that now shrieked a piercing sound carried through the wind. The scream made Ivor flinch, but he stood his ground unable to keep his eyes off of her. She moved closer to the window and then reached inside in attempt to crawl in like the insect she had become. Nelly always hated insects, in fact, she feared them. Even staring at a fly for too long would make her uncomfortable. She hated their beady black eyes, their fangs for crushing through the skin on your legs and arms, but mostly she hated how they crawled with their many legs. Now here she was, an insect, with solid black eyes and fangs curling her limbs like spider legs over the window leg. Ivor, took a step back just as a bullet whizzed by and struck Nelly on the right shoulder. Her black eyes looked down at the hole in her shoulder and rabidness consumed her. She crouched just slightly to prance at Elenor, who had shot her when her body was suddenly flung a good twenty feet backward onto the small clearing. In her place at the broken window, now stood the same woman Ivor had seen step out of the little yellow car earlier that day. He recognized the seductive pale white skin around her bare legs. She wore the same cloak, only now decorated with tethered holes from the number of David’s bullets that had shredded it. The holes revealed traces of her naked breast that hung perfectly within her cloak. The woman lifted her head allowing the moonlight to shed light just around her mouth. Her cloaked right arm raised up and slipped off to the side as she pointed straight at Ivor.
What the hell? Confused and afraid Ivor turned to David and Elenor.
“Why is she pointing to me?” he asked. “What does she want?”
Elenor shot David a look and then took a few steps toward the window where the devil woman stood.
“Where is she?” Elenor questioned the woman.
The woman moved her arm up to her head and removed her hood. Ivor’s eyes widened as she revealed her face. The whites of her eyes nearly consumed the blue tint of them. She was beautiful and frightening as a ghost. She let out a low growl through the fangs adorning her mouth.
“Where is she!” Elenor repeated, this time yelling.
The woman turned around and began descending down back onto the clearing. A few shadows lurking within the trees emerged pulling a something between two of them. They stopped by the woman and creeped back within the trees. There beneath her feet now laid a body on the ground. She bent down and grabbed it with ease. She walked slowly to toward the window with the body dragging along through the grass, fallen leaves, and dirt.
“What’s going on? Who is she dragging?” Ivor finally asked.
No one answered him but the sound of the approaching devil woman. Her steps were heavy as they stepped onto the wooden porch floor planks. One, two, three and then the steps stopped in front of the door. Ivor glanced up at Elenor who had her finger on the trigger ready to pull. The crash rumbled through the walls as the front door was kicked down with such force that the door flew to the back wall and cracked into three large pieces.
“What the hell!” David cursed at the woman. The woman lifted her arm where the body dangled. The strength of this creature stunned Ivor. To carry a body with one arm like a child who carries a rag doll. She flung it into the living room where it hit the floor with a low thud. Elenor and David pointed their guns at the woman as Elenor walked toward the body. She knelt down and turned it around. Horrified, Ivor recognized the face immediately. It was the old woman from the house, Sara. At that very instant, he knew something was wrong, but before he could begin to sort his thoughts, David turned his gun toward Ivor.
“What, what are you doing?”
“Don’t move,” David replied.
Ivor looked at Elenor who had stood up and had her gun pointed at him too. The he looked at the woman outside the doorway who was devouring him with her colorless eyes. Ivor felt David’s grip around his arm as he began to pull him toward the front door. Ivor resisted.
“What the fuck are you doing! Let go of me!”
“No let me go!”
The gun was now pressed to the back of Ivor’s head. He could feel the cold steel on his scalp.
David kept pulling him toward the door until Elenor stepped in front of them and stopped them.
She looked straight into Ivor’s eyes.
“I never got to answer your question,” she began. “I stuck around this sick place because I needed to find a way to get my sister back.”
Ivor glanced at the dead body on the floor, “She’s dead.”
“I know she’s dead, but I didn’t want her living out whatever life she did have left as one of those Rogues.”
“What does that have to do with me?”
“They need to feed and it looks like her Rogue numbers are growing so any visitor to the house is valuable to them.”
“You’re a sick person! They were just kids!” He yelled and broke free of David’s grip and lunged at Elenor’s throat.
David quickly retook control of Ivor.
Elenor looked at Ivor again who now had tears crowding around his eyes.
“Don’t take it personal, I would have done it to anyone else, you guys just happened to be smart enough to leave the house. Most of you foreigners don’t. I’m sorry.”
Her eyes briefly met his and he could see the guilt, but she blinked it away and stepped to the side to let David finish the trade.
“Ivor resisted some more, but David pressed the gun deeper into his skull and gave him one final shove through the doorway. The woman caught him. Her hands were ice cold and hard like stone. Not single living organism remained within her flesh. How could anything survive something so cold. She wrapped her thin fingers around his arm and threw him several feet into the air with ease. He landed face down in the clearing where he scrambled to his hands and knees only to be met face to face with the shell of his, once beautiful, wife.
“Nelly, what happened?” he whispered to her.
The ice hands struck again, this time on back of his head. The woman’s fingers wrapped themselves into his hair and pulled his head back so his face illuminated under the moonlight. He looked up at the woman, this creature they called Rogue. She spoke through her eyes to Nelly and with her other hand she caressed the side of his sweet smelling neck.
Nelly looked at Ivor and for just a second, she felt something toward him. A thousand memories exploded in her mind for that one second. A smile, baby toes in the sand, a white dress covered in cake, a kiss. But memories are irrelevant when your ears ring with a sweet thick pulse. Memories are irrelevant when the hunger burns through your body and your nose tingles with a delicious scent. The second passed, and without a blink of hesitation, Nelly flung herself at Ivor’s throat and tore through it savagely. She wrapped her arms around his waist and back like she once did out of love, but tonight pleasure sounds were replaced with the cracking of his bones, spine and ribs. She crushed him and began to drain the sweet syrup of life out of him.
Ivor couldn’t yell and the pain had become too unbearable that his body trembled in shock. Her throat moistened with warm liquid from the love of her life and the enjoyment was far too satisfying to her dead pulses in her body. Not a single drop would be spared.
Her belly now full, Nelly flung his body down on the grass. There was nothing left for Ivor to feel other than the cold seep through the fragments of his body. His eyes glazed over and his final thought escaped: Ruthie.