Better than

Better than blueberries and pumpkin seeds
Sweeter than those yummy toes stuck on your feet
Higher than two jumps on our trampoline
Faster than your scooter whizzing down the street
Wider than three grins saying cheeeeeese
Louder than a trumpet howling sharp E’s
Warmer than melty marshmallows oozing out of your teeth
Colder than grinch mint ice cream tinting your lips green
Harder than that bump you gave me last week
Brighter than those wall scribbles you drew in pink
Rowdier than three elephants stomping around while I sleep
Taller than that man we saw on a trapeze
Saltier than those fries we snuck as a cheat
Happier than three skips to my heart beat
Stronger than those swings hanging from our tree
My love for you is this because you mean the world to me.