A Mother’s Diary

I’m guilty, or so I convince myself of thick guilt every night,

Did I give enough hugs, did I yell too much, can I do anything right?

How far can my back bend till my coffee runs dry?

Wipe, fold, wash, scold, today I may be the one to cry.


I awoke to giggles coming from the teepee in the land of Strabebee,

Beside me two little caramel eyes blinked while a rolly hand caressed me.

A tender nurse healed a curly head bump with stickers and a kiss,

We all blew dandelions and poppa returned with a candy filled wish.


I want to drink and put on heels and curl my hair without breaks or spills,

Dinner burned, walls got lipstick and I have all kinds of upset feels.

I feel fat, I spot two more wrinkles around my eyes,

This is hard, this hood is full of unwarned untold lies.


Three leaves sprouted from our seeds and one taught the other ABC’s

One climbed a chair to sneak a treat for the small one that shook with glee.

They jumped on me with smiles ear to ear and said I’m the beautifulest,

I receive infinite I love you’s and I cannot deny I am the happiest.