A Breeze of Tonight

The warm breeze cooled around her neck as thin strands of hair danced around the frame of her face in flocks.

Squinting black eyes peered through the burned colors of the sunset glazed over the dead hills sparkling light onto the rocks.

It’s a mouthful to see, read, feel, but no one utters a word.

His hand grazes the side of her naked thigh,

But words would only shatter the perfection of this simple moment tonight.


Cooked gravel roars beneath their feet rocking sweet dreams into their creations calmed by the harmony of this summer feel  

Her hand flows through the waves of the wind and their eyes meet for a second or two breathing in swirls of lavender and camomile

Their thoughts intertwine, still no one utters a word.

His hand traces the curves of her fingertips,

Still words would crumble the serenity of this simple moment tonight.


The roof opens and the stars fall through as she glides through the air and his lips slip into a smile while his head tilts into the breeze.

Electric waves pulse through him and her and them together wrapped in gratitude for this sweet sublime slice they indulgently take a piece.

They are in love, please no one utter a word.

His hand encases the back of her retired waist,

Please no one wreck the faultless feel of this simple moment tonight.